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With Google Tag Manager, you as an event marketer can easily add tags on your website and adjust and manage these at a later stage. Using Google Tag Manager is a simple process and the possibilities are endless. That’s why we give you 8 reasons in this blog post as to why you should use Google Tag Manager.

1. Solution for the future
Using Google Tag Manager will greatly simplify future upgrades and adjustments because this can be done through Google Tag Manager and not separately for every website page. The same also applies for moving to Google’s Universal Analytics.

2. Speed
Changes and new tags can be made quickly and do not require any changes to the website. This is very handy for event marketers because you can position the tag yourself and you can test and implement every change yourself.

3. Flexibility
Google Tag Manager is also very handy because you don’t need a developer for every little adjustment in simple tags. You are also flexible considering the large extent of personalization and differentiating functions described below.

4. Debug options
It is very important that you know your tags are working for sure before you publish them on your site. Google Tag Manager has a built-in debugging option allowing you to test every update on your site and to find errors before you publish the update.

5. Version control
Every time you publish a change, a new version is created and saved. This allows you to go back to an older version at a later stage, at all times. This is also a good way of keeping oversight of tags and to solve tag issues.

6. User’s rights
Google Tag Manager allows you to establish access rights for every individual user, including viewing, editing and publishing. This allows you to decide who may make adjustments to the website.

7. Built-in tags
Google Tag Manager contains tags for Google Analytics, AdWords conversions, re-marketing and other popular networks. This helps a lot when you are still new to Google Tag Manager and coding. It allows you to personalize tags without the use of codes.

8. Event listeners
Google Tag Manager ensures you no longer have to manually adjust every link you want to keep with on-click properties to send events to Google Analytics. Instead, you can select links or keys with the properties already associated with the link or using a standardized naming structure like data properties.

In other words, almost everything can be rendered measurable with Google Tag manager. You can even gain insight to your visitors’ scrolling habits so you will know what content was viewed and what wasn’t. As far as we are concerned, Google Tag manager is an indispensable tool for event marketers!

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