And we are just getting started...

From advanced data analysis and customer insight to marketing automation, data driven marketing has never been so easy.

Project management

Integrated agile project management provides everyone, both inside and outside your organization, the same information.

Data enrichment

We Cross enriches your data with social, public and website data.

Data cleaning

Increase the quality of your ticketing data. The correctness of the address, building, phone numbers and e-mail address are verified. If gender is missing, it is added on the basis…

360° Client view

Because all your data is combed and enriched with public data, you will get a 360° overview of your audience.

Customer journey

We Cross maps the full customer journey, all contact moments with your customer come into an individual customer profile.

Custom audiences

In addition to automatically generated smart audiences, you can easily create custom audiences with extended filters.

Smart audiences

Customers with similar characteristics are grouped. These smart audiences are created and updated automatically.

Audience segmentation

Smart audiences are created automatically and you can easily create new, valuable audience segments yourself.

Social CRM 

With our social media integration you can simply put in a contact’s email address and we’ll detect the related social media profiles.


The next step in CRM. Individual profiles are enriched with sales, social, public and website data. Get insight in the customer journey of both buyers and non-buyers.

Social wall

Overview of the popularity, engagement and activities of the artists of your events on social media.

Social Posts

Publish and promote your social media content from a single place. Publish directly from the application on one of your social media channels.

Service mail

Send a personal and individual message fully automated to your customer before or after your event.


Everything you need to run beautifully-designed, personalized, automated and manual campaigns

Sales performance

Get insight into your sales performance: Compare price levels and sales channels across different periods and events.

Offline media

Add offline media for an indication of the efficiency of your offline marketing channels.

ROI Campaigns

Follow the ROI of online ads and offline media, and know how to justify your advertising spending

Data driven marketing

Target your audience with the right content on the right time through the right channel, just with one application.

Management dashboard

A dashboard that saves time, all the results you want to know just in one place.