Be relevant with smart data


Enter into dialogue with your customer based on customer insight, build valuable segments, and offer relevant content to each audience.

Smart audiences
We Cross groups customers with similar characteristics. These smart audiences are created and updated automatically.
Individual customer profile
All contact moments with your customer are grouped in an individual customer profile.
The right time
The customer journey and lifetime value of all your customers are identified. This tells you when and through which channel you can reach the target group.
Relevant marketing
Set up effective campaigns by targeting specific target groups.
Content integration
From the selected segment, you instantly create the message that connects to that target audience.
Lower costs
By implementing effective campaigns you have lower advertising costs.

Smart and custom audiences


We Cross automatically creates and updates smart audiences. With the extensive filters you can also easily create your own custom audiences. Because of the data enrichment and smart audiences selections on age group, region, visiting history or media preference are easily made.

360 degrees client view

Because all your data is combined and enriched with public data, you get a 360 ° view of your audience. All contact moments with your customer are recorded in an individual customer profile.


Insight into anonymous visitor

By combining different data, We Cross gives an insight into the anonymous visitor.

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Clear insight into all your data in context


Fully integrated content creation


Reach your target audience with slim campaigns