Steady improvement in your marketing

Agile projectmanagement tool enforces close collaboration. By sharing the right ammount of insights with everyone, you'll improve your marketing with each day.

Integrated data All events and campaign are loaded in the calendar automatically. You'll save loads of time.
Actual status at hand All information concentrated in one environment. Everybody has insights who has appointments and results with whom.
Launch and learn Setting up a detailed and thought out campaign takes a lot of time. With small and fast deliverables of tangible results, you'll be able to make faster progress.
Accessible anywhere Your team will be able to access the marketing planning anytime.
Share with organisations Markingplanning, ticketsales and insights can be shared with 3rd party organisations.
Act fast Assigning tasks and give feedback directly within the application will enable fast decisions for everyone.

Total marketing control

The calendar provides a clear view on tasks, events, milestones, meetings and campaigns. You'll be able to see directly what tasks are pressing. Events and campaigns are loaded automatically and with offline campaigns are added with a push of a button.

Monitor your team's progress

Within We Cross Agile it's possible to assign and plan tasks with an agenda while the status of your team's tasks are shown in a Kan-Ban Board. You'll be able to gain accurate overview in seconds.


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