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Build for what’s next
Over the past year we have rebuilt We Cross from scratch. Thanks to a new, improved, and serverless data warehouse we are now scalable, and able to realise big performance improvements. Even with complex selections from the database. Based on user feedback, we redesigned the interface. Faster, simpler and with a greater ease of use. The most powerful and most demanded functionalities, fully integrated with your existing tools and content. All brought back to the essence: Marketing for Events.

Here is what to expect with the new version of We Cross.
Automation, automation, and automation.
First, there was email. Now we have automation. With the We Cross email editor you can now create your own flows, plan newsletters, write service mails, and configure special actions, like welcome, or event-based emails. Like always, fully integrated with the other functionalities from We Cross. Furthermore, it is possible to make segments in audiences. For example, you can send contacts with a free pass a different service email than regular ticket buyers. This way our users experience optimal functionality and flexibility.

Media Library
We integrated a media library. This way you can share all your files directly with your colleagues and easily connect them to events and campaigns. For well-aligned cooperation and more ease and speed in building campaigns.

Full web tracking
From now on we can follow all web traffic, for better segmentation and mapping personal interests of your visitors. We add a We Cross tracking code in Google Tag Manager, and you have full disclosure of everything that happens on your website.

Improved Analysis
We have simplified, improved and fully automated the predefined audience segmentation. We can add more segments without losing the overview. More data in better context, for even more insight in your audience.

And we are just getting started……

In the upcoming months, we will continuously roll out new features, where the best value for the user is always our starting and endpoint. And from now on, our customers get a say in the order of future releases.

Welcome to We Cross 2.0. Together we make great stuff happen.

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