Event marketing cloud

The most advanced marketing application for

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Data driven marketing made easy

We Cross is a cloud application that brings your data, team and campaigns in context together on one platform. It offers you everything you need to make the right decisions, collaborate effectively, and respond directly to the needs of your audience.


Visual Dashboards

Get the information you need to take direct action. All data is sorted around events, campaigns and public groups. No complex renderings, just visual dashboards. Clear for every marketer.


"Best CRM & data solution: Event Marketing Cloud"

Marketing automation

Drive marketing campaigns with powerful automation. This way you can maintain the relation with your audience on auto pilot. While at the same time making recurring task more efficient.

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Knowing who is interested in your event, in one overview, directly connected to your ticket sales


All information about who attended your events, in clear visualisations


Who reacts to your social media messages? Know how high your engagement is per event and per channel


Enriched audience profiles, so you get maximum insight into your market and audiences


Create relevant segments to target campaigns, and reach your perfect audience

Audience focused 360ยบ CRM

By enriching individual profiles with sales, social, public and website data, the cloud application clarifies your entire audience range. You constantly create new, valuable audience segments with this complete data warehouse.


We Cross has an ISO27001 certified information security policy. We are allowed to use the Quality Guarantee Label and our quality management system is ISO9001 certified.

Full campaign builder with content integration

With the content editor you can easily create newsletters. As all your data is integrated, you create relevant content in just a few steps, and immediately publish it online.

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Integrate all data and channels

We Cross brings all your data and channels together in one place. We integrate the marketing tools you use every day and connect with your ticket software.

Effective project management

Agile project management is part of We Cross. This way, everyone, both inside and outside your organisation, has the same information. You have your marketing planning, team members, milestones and all your content in one place.

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